Anytime famous El Paso chefs are mentioned, I think we all immediately think: Aarón Sánchez!

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Which is great! Aarón is definitely a top-tier chef, and deserves to be at the top!

But, El Paso has lots of great talent, and it should come as no surprise that there's another great El Paso-born chef that we should all be following!

Her name is Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack and this El Paso-born chef is not only a successful author and blogger, but she's also an Emmy-winning producer and writer!

Yvette, along with her mother and sister co-wrote the cookbook Muy Bueno, a cookbook inspired by Yvette's grandmother and as a way to honor her memory and as a way to preserve her family's recipes and stories with future generations.

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Her most recent cookbook, Muy Bueno Fiestas, is due out on April 11 and it is a complete journey through her upbringing in El Paso!

I guess she was feeling inspired because most recently, Marquez-Sharpnack came to visit the Sun City. And as an official chef, and I would go so far as to call her an OG El Paso foodie, she did what we all would do; she went to visit her El Paso favorites!

Her first stop, what else? Chico's!

Note how she has the green chile in her fries as well? That's the El Paso way to eat them! Chico's is definitely the first place you take out of towers and the first stop former El Pasoans make when visiting

If you're looking for a recipe to recreate Chico's at home, Marquez-Sharpnack can help you out with that; she has a recipe you can follow!

Her next stop was at one of my favorite places: Flautas Y Paleteria Tepalca!

Those are some of my favorite flautas and she does say she has a recipe in her Muy Bueno cookbook as well!

You can find more of Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack's recipes on her official website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram where you can also watch some videos of her best recipes!

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