I know, when you read that headline it probably made you chuckle. I did when I first started looking into this story. But once you dig a little deeper, the story gets less funny. Here is video from KVIA of the incident.

Just from that video alone, you can tell something isn't right. This isn't a stunt or a prank where someone thought it would be funny to streak through downtown El Paso. In the video the man can be seen running near Anson 11, across the street from San Jacinto Plaza. It appears the man was wrapped in a towel and taken care of without incident.

The man, showing signs of possible mental illness as he spoke incoherently at times, said he feared police were going to shoot him; the streaker also claimed he was a recovering drug addict who recently left the "straight and narrow" path through no fault of his own.

The man's identity hasn't been released and there also hasn't been any other information as to what is going on with the man or any potential charges.

Of course, we can always look at the brighter side of nudity. Not to make light of this story, but we can take a trip down memory lane and join Frank the Tank... streaking.

By the way, am I the only one that forgot Frank's wife in Old School is Mrs. Ari Gold from Entourage. Apparently that completely escaped my brain.

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