The baby mama let me hit it last night! I did ever trick in the book last night (Minus eating the taco right). I even asked for feedback on my performance. What I got back was a little shocking. I'm not as good as I think I am but I'm not the worst. A woman’s body is kind of complicated and the way they want it might take a little training for me. If you have any tips to add please feel free to share them and comment!

First off boobs are sensitive!

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I'm a boob guy. Big or small just not saggy. Saggy boobs suck. I was in the heat of the moment so I got over excited when she told me not to grab them so hard. I was going to steal them right off of her chest. Apparently being to ruff with them can cause a girl pain. Its almost equivalent to getting hit right on the nut sack. Takes your breathe away. It could also bruise their boobs.

Girls need a Foreplay!

I've noticed the way I can sleep with a girl is a little game. Horse play eventually turns into soft kissing, then soft touching then bam my hand in their pants! If you rush into doing it, you can actually cause small tears inside her vagina. So here are some words to live by,” Take your time and do it right.”

Eat the taco!

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I've been told that I need to eat it. I'm one of those people who think the look and smell just isn't for me. So last night she told me, ”if you don't do it to me, then I'm not doing it to you.” Well I tried it for the second time in my life. The method she told me to use was the ABC way. Making the alphabet with my mouth. Upper case and lower case letters. I still have some things to get use to and learn.

Harder doesn't mean faster!

When I hear a girl say harder. I think she means faster. So I bust out my famous jack rabbit move. Little did I know while her head is banging straight into the wall, she is thinking in her head to, “just stop.” What a girl means by harder is to go in deeper with force.

No sex on a full stomach! 

I decide to be nice and feed my baby mama. Well I had to wait for a while just to let her stomach get un-bloated. She's getting very attractive to me so I dont mind the baby bump. She explained sex after eating isn't a good idea. Girls feel to heavy and they can get sick while gagging. So just don't have sex after eating.

If you have any tips just leave a comment below please!