We are now over half way with the first round match ups for Movie Monster Madness. We have 8 match ups already going. You can find those...

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Now, let's get to the latest contestants.

  • Michael Myers - He is synonymous with Halloween and has gone through a couple reboots. But did you know the Halloween series was going to move on without him?
  • King Kong - Yet another is-this-really-a-bad-guy monsters. King Kong just really wanted love, didn't he?
  • Clover - The monster from Cloverfield, which is a really good movie. But don't watch it if you get motion sickness from shaky cam work.
  • Pazuzu - The demon from The Exorcist, which is arguably the scariest movie of all time. I know full grown adults who still won't watch this movie.
  • Dracula - One of the icons of the horror movie genre, with multiple different versions. We're not picking one specific one for this, it's just Dracula in general.
  • Chucky - Yes, the doll was originally a part of an actual horror movie. Then they went full campy with it and The Bride of Chucky remains, to this day, the only movie I have ever walked out on.
  • Brundlefly - Jeff Goldblum, rather grotesquely, turns into a fly, and the movie was Gene Siskel's tenth best movie of 1986.
  • Gozer - A lot of people thought this spot should go to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But who turned the Stay Puft Marshmallow man into a villain? It was Gozer the Gozerian.