Alright folks, here we go. Time for another group of match ups for Movie Monster Madness. Here are the contestants for this round.

  • Jason Voorhees - Interestingly enough, he wasn't the original villain. Some people only know that because of the movie scream. In the first Friday the 13th, the villain was Mrs. Voorhees.
  • Godzilla - Is he a good monster? Depends on what you're watching, but there are actually a lot of story lines that have Godzilla as our savior from the other monsters.
  • The Babadook - One of the more interesting movies I've seen in recent years, it gets great reviews among the horror movie crowd, but I thought this movie was 'okay.' But okay enough that it is worth a watch if you're looking for a new horror movie.
  • The Pale Man - This could be one of those "Who is that?" monsters. The Pale Man is from Pan's Labyrinth. While he's only in one scene, he's arguably the most memorable part of a really good movie. Just think about the guy with eye balls on his palms. That's the Pale Man.
  • The Candyman - If you've never seen The Candyman, you're missing out. I know some people who won't watch these movies, and we're even due for a reboot from Jordan Peele.
  • The Blob - No, not the Marvel villain. I'm talking about that gooey thing that would take over everything in its path.
  • Pinhead - A truly terrifying character from Hellraiser. Just remember this... "We'll tear your soul apart!"
  • Frankenstein's Monster - This is another one where he's really not the bad guy. Just misunderstood and it's really the mob that is the bad guy.


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