This is it!! Which movie monster will be crowned the champion! You finalists are Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers! Let's take a look at how each movie monster got here.

First, it's Freddy Krueger. The man that haunts your dreams made quick work of Pumpkinhead in the first round. In the second round Freddy was able to hold off Wolf Man. Then, in the third round things started to finally get close for Mr. Krueger who was actually down early to Xenomorph (Alien) but he was able to pull out the victory. Then, in the semifinal matchup, he had to face a foe he has battled on the silver screen. It was Freddy vs Jason. And this one was super, super close. It was decided by just a couple of votes.

Now, on to Michael Myers. In the first round Michael Myers was able to get by one of the "Kings" of movie monsters, King Kong. Then, in the second round he was able to slash through Pazuzu, the demon from The Exorcist. The third round saw Michael Myers get past Dracula. And then, in the quarterfinals Mr. Halloween himself was able to easily take out Pennywise.

So here it is! Time to vote! Who will be crowned the champ?! It's up to you. Just vote below, and vote as many times as possible. I don't care. Stuff the ballot as much you want. And again, you can use whatever criteria you want. Who is more badass? Who is scarier? Who has the better movies?


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