Motorcycle Monday time ... for real this time!!


You all probably already know "Best Trick" is my favorite part of The X Games.  You also probably already know who won but, did you get to SEE all the attempts??  Well, here ya' go!  (Including Pastranas leg breaking fall!!)  Kinda long though, so make sure you're boss is out to lunch and get comfy!!

Locally, seems like everyone is in .. or on their way to .. Sturgis!  Should hear some funny stories and see some cool pics when everyone gets back.  I (obviously) didn't get to go this year.  :(  (Did have fun fishing and drinking with my Bros this weekend though!!)  Next year however, it is ON!!

Next Monday .. hopefully .. I'll have Sturgis pics for you!!  Might be weird, might be kinda sexy; hell they may just be plain funny.  We'll see!!

There ya' go!  Thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports, there's your Motorcycle Monday!!  Have a great week!!

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