When stranded in the Moroccan desert, this engineer decided to take his stuck car and turn it into a motorcycle. While on vacation in 1993, Frenchman Emile Leray was driving through the Moroccan desert when he decided to drive off the beaten path (literally) and offroad to pass a city. While he was in the desert, his Citreon got stuck in the sand and he had two options- walked the 10 plus miles back to the city or figure out a way to get his vehicle going. He decided to do the latter and set to work to make the broke down car into a functioning motorcycle.

After a week and a half in the desert working tirelessly, he was successful. He was able to make a drivable motorcycle, complete with handlebars and even a kickstand to prop the bike up when he wasn't driving it. To this day, Leray still has his Citreon motorcycle and he says he is still able to ride the bike. Since this incident, Leray has set to work making even more drivable vehicles out of strange things and does this as a hobby. Check out the video above to see this man's impressive skills.


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