MoSho's Badass of the Week- Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez
This week's Badass of the Week if a Texan who came up from rough beginnings to become an American hero. Master Sergeant Roy Benavidez stepped on a landmine during the Vietnam war and was told by doctors he'd never walk again. Through perseverance and determination, he was able to defy the …
Zipline AND Parachute?!
Let's get this straight -- if you're ziplining on what's considered the world's largest urban zipline, you're probably already a certified badass. If you're waiting five seconds, then letting go, cascading down to Earth hundreds of feet below using a parachute, we bow d…
Kerrang! For Ozzy!
June 9, in London, The 62 year old Ozzy will accept his award! Only the 2nd man to receive the honor celebrating 30 years of Kerrang! Magazine