This week’s Badass is a mix of historical facts and the unknown. Bringing down a Japanese pilot, while floating through the air with a handgun. Sometimes a badass earns that title for not only what is known for a fact they did, but also for the mystery that surrounds them. This week's badass is an American hero who did something that seems pulled right out of an action flick. On March 31st, 1943 there was a group of US bombers out on a mission when they were intercepted by Japanese planes.

A US bomber was hit and the crew was forced to bail out and parachute down. One of the crewmembers did something miraculous while parachuting down and has become legendary because of it. Check out the video above and learn more about 2ndLieutenant Owen J. Bagget. Decide for yourself whether or not you believe Bagget was able to have this precise of an aim while floating through the air. Either way, the man is an American hero for serving our country.


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