This week’s Badass is an evil charlatan, someone known for his crazy, out-of-control beard, wild eyes, commanding personality and alleged “mystic powers” that allowed him to turn the Empress of Russia into his most devout follower.

Rasputin was born in 1869 in Siberia, an area of Russia where the temperature never gets above freezing and the people led simple lives. When he was 28, he had a religious awakening during a pilgrimage and became a wandering, self-proclaimed holy man. He joined a religious sect that believed the more you sinned, the more sins become reduced around the world. Not really sure that's how it works but to each their own. He worked his way to the inner circle of the Russian aristocracy and finally became the trusted spiritual advisor of Tsar Nicholas and his wife Empress Alexandra, even moving into their palace.

Tales of Rasputin's drunkenness, womanizing debauchery were known throughout Russia and many despised his close relationship with the Russian royal family. It was then that the idea started floating through the country that he should be "taken out" and eliminated. Check out the video above to see the story of Rasputin.



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