A vintage “Stranger Danger” video from the Nineties is currently trending on places like Reddit, TV Tropes and Pinterest.

The video is remembered by kids who were in grade school in the early to mid-Nineties as being something that they were shown in either a classroom or auditorium setting. There are some genuinely weird moments. The word “pedophiles” is never used; the non-specific “Tricky People” is instead. Also, the song and dance routines about outing child predators are pretty surreal. But, really, the message is a good one and I wouldn’t be surprised if this goofy thing actually prevented a bunch of kids from being victimized. So, awesome!

Here’s the exclusive MoSho aspect: our guest this morning, veteran standup comic voice actor and our very good friend Greg Wilson, revealed for the first time the HE…is the voice of Yello Dyno Pedo Hunter! Yes, THE Greg Wilson is also THE Yello Dyno Pedo Hunter!!

Also, watch for the character “Wendell” who is the main predator’s assistant pervert. That is also a very young (and very luxuriously-maned ) Greg Wilson.

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