It’s Monday and that means it’s time for another Monday Morning Mash Up! Today’s Mash Up was done by Bill McClintock (this is his YouTube channel).

I love this kind of Mash Up because it takes two very, very different genres of music and, somehow, makes them work together. What happens when you take a metal song from Slipknot’s fourth album and put it together with THE inescapable pop song of summer 1996? This is it and it’s called, “The Slip Girls: If You Wanna Breathe My Sulphur”.

Here are some of the best comments from the YouTube page for this masterpiece:

“This song just debuted at #1 in a parallel universe.”

“If you wannabe my lover/I’M GONNA LAUGH WHEN I’M BURIED ALIIIIIVE!!!”


“If Posh doesn’t want to go on another Spice Girls reunion tour, ‘Corey Spice’ could always fill in”

I have to say, super-aggro rock by Slipknot featuring scantily-clad, pre-plastic surgery Posh and Scary Spice is kind of my idea of a party.

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