I am totally digging this new release from Mike Shinoda which features Machine Gun Kelly and my future ex-husband Chino Moreno. Mike Shinoda has been through a hell of a year and got through it thanks to music.

To sum up what he said in a recent interview, after losing one of his closest friends he turned that craziness into music. It's understanding when someone needs time away from everyone and everything after losing someone dear. He even mentioned it in his song about needing to recharge his battery which all of us can definitely relate to. The chorus that Chino Moreno sings to my understanding is not wanting to deal with the outside world. Normally, most people who go through something traumatic tend to shut themselves off and just stay couped up and deal with it alone. Mike Shinoda's song "Lift Off" from his recently released album Post Traumatic which was released June 15.

This song isn't hardcore as you're usually used to hearing Mike Shinoda sing but still is a goody!

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