Don't answer too quick on this one, it's kind of a trick question.

Metallica are coming back to El Paso and, to celebrate that, I've been writing about the bands' membership history. I've already covered the bassists and all the guitarists so, today we look at how many drummers they've had.  The answer isn't exactly one ... it's more like one and a half.

Lars Ulrich has been behind the kit since the beginning. (He and James Hetfield are the only two founding members.)  He does occasionally get a little help from James on stage though, as you can see in the NSFW video above. (James shows up at 5:20)

On this tour, it looks like they all do a little drumming. If you want to skip to the fun part, forward to 6:30.  (At 8:50, Hetfield "drums" on his guitar!)

Will we see any drum fun??  Find out February 28th, 2019 when Metallica hit the Don Haskins Center. Tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow (3/2/18) via Ticketmaster outlets.  Be ready folks, 'cuz this is not only going to sell out ... it's going to sell out FAST.

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