Rule number one:  Don't piss off the people that prepare your food in a restaurant.

Rule number two: Don't piss off the people responsible for making your band sound good.

This band Altitudes obviously forgot some of the biggest rules for life.  They pissed off the producer of their music by not paying him.They went into an undisclosed studio and recorded some songs, for which they refused to pay...or couldn't pay, because they'd used all the money to smoke weed, or something.

So, like any good, creative person, the producer decided to turn their heavy, hardcore (and apparently terrible) song into a really bad EDM track.  That would be Electronic Dance case you wondered or cared.

I recorded all the audio, filmed them at my studio, and then I decided to write a dance tune to the same tempo they recorded at. I merely took his vocals and slapped it on the dance track, then replaced the new audio to the video I had already edited. Best 30 mins I’ve ever spent.

via Dan's (the producer) YouTube Channel

This is funny, but a little NSFW, for some swearing.  Holy crap, I think he's crying while singing it at one point!  I love this video!  Nice braces, bro.

And check out some amazingly hilarious behind the scenes video from the actual recording.  No, it's not any better.

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