The world's first and only heavy metal mariachi band, Metalachi is coming to El Paso. They have made plans to stop on by the 915 to play their unique style of music for us. I remember the times local mariachi groups would play rock songs at certain events of ours. This type of music gets people up and dancing and Metalachi is that type of crowd-pleaser. They're definitely familiar with El Paso and have performed here, in the 915 several times. If you have never seen a heavy metal mariachi band, Metalachi should be the band to see.

Well, some good news to share is that you will be able to see Metalachi perform in El Paso. They're going to be in town to play us some heavy metal mariachi music on Sunday, November 1. Metalachi is set to perform at Ricky D's hosted by Kick'n Dirt Entertainment. This show will begin at 5 pm and is open to anyone 18 and over. Tickets for females redeemed online before doors are free and $10 for men. They will also have pre-Dia de Los Muertos activities to participate in. If you've never heard of Metalachi or their music you can get a sample of what they're like above.

In my opinion, this is the kind of show you and your family can enjoy together. If your family is big on mariachi music and you're into heavy metal you all will have a blast. Metalachi is the band that can link up two types of music genres together and makes it sound delightful. Metalachi's show is about 5 months away and hopefully, by then things will be better.

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