A while back, some music companies got together and wanted to create a unique sort of musician's clinic that got away from the traditional clinic approach of some dude noodling around to some pre-recordings, and put together a killer lineup of drummers, guitarists and bass players to create Metal Masters. It was so successful, they've now done four of these things, and it keeps getting better and bigger.

Last time, Phil Anselmo of Pantera snuck in with the clinicians on stage for some jams, and a lot of people got more interested. This time, they scheduled Phil to join the guys for songs, and put together an incredible group of guys who've been regulars, like Kerry King and Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and Frank Bello of Anthrax, and added famous bass-meister Billy Sheehan and guitar-god Gary Holt of Exodus to the lineup.

The entire event was streamed live on UStream, and you can watch it all below. Check out the drum-jam with Charlie Benante, a fan named Danny and then Dave Lombardo! Great stuff!

Here's the setlist for the show:

"Room For One More" (w/ Frank Bello on lead vocals) (ANTHRAX)
"Mouth For War" (PANTERA)
"Five Minutes Alone" (PANTERA)
"A New Level" (PANTERA)
"Chemical Warfare" (SLAYER)
"War Ensemble" (SLAYER)
"(Words I'm not allowed to post) Electric" (PANTERA)
"Angel Of Death" (SLAYER)
"Strike Of The Beast" (EXODUS)
"Raining Blood" (SLAYER)
"(A word I'm not allowed to post) Hostile" (PANTERA)

BTW, the video is DEFINITELY NSFW!

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