May-tallica is underway and we have lots more tickets to give away. Keep reading for details and to watch Metallica honor "Local Locos" in cities they visit.

Metallica rock the Haskins Center in February and the show is SOLD OUT.  Don't give up hope, or sell your firstborn to a ticket scalper, yet though. The Q has lots of tickets to give away. (Listen Monday at 10:15 for the Metallica song of the day. Be the right caller with the right phrase when you hear it played to win.)  One cool thing Metallica do on this tour is acknowledge bands from whatever city they're in. (Videos NSFW)

I wonder who they'll pick from here? Many bands are from here or have members who are. (SpartaDisturbed, Ministry and Escape The Fate just to name a few.)  It would be cool to hear them but, it would be uber-cool to hear music from more organic  "Local Locos".

Can you imagine hearing Metallica belting out some Not My Master, Slvthammer, Texas Voodoo Stomp or Pissing RazorsTHAT would rock!!

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