May-Tallica rocks! Ok, so there’s really no such thing as “May-Tallica,” but KLAQ will find any excuse to celebrate Metallica and give you free tickets. Here’s WHY May-Tallica rocks!

1) We are now “only” just a little over 9-months away from the concert, roughly the same amount of time it takes to have a baby. If you’re a parent, just think back to how quickly that went by. Yikes! The show will be here before you know it. Only it’s your butt which will be slapped and James Hetfield will be doing the screaming.

2) The NBA and NHL playoffs are going on during May-Tallica and that’s the best part of the basketball and hockey season. There’s a lot of cliché songs used by both. Some are pretty cool, some are pretty lame, but when it’s a Metallica song, that’s when your blood really gets pumping. Is there any song more that rises more of a “go team” swell than “Seek & Destroy?”

3) As the May-Tallica calendar moves along, the weather is heating up…make that REALLY heating up (yes, there’s a 100 in our forecast.) More Convertible tops and windows are down which means whatever that driver next to you is blasting would be much more enjoyable if it were Metallica?

4) May-Tallica rocks by default. Heck, it’s the only month where the alliteration works. Oct-Tallica just doesn’t have the ring.

5) Lastly, the best reason is because each May-Tallica Monday, KLAQ is giving out a pair of great seats to the concert. At approximately 10:15 each May-Tallica Monday, Dubba-G will tell you what Metallica song to listen for and even the hour he’ll play it. Then when we play it, 9th caller to say “make me a May-Tallica Monday winner KLAQ” wins a pair of tickets. It must be the first thing out of your mouth and those exact words. Any additional airings of the day’s designated Metallica song will not count as contest episodes; for everything else standard contest rules apply.

Good luck!

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