Remember the first time you heard "Cry Little Sister" on The Lost Boys? Well now for the first time you can hear Marilyn Manson do a cover of it!

Just last month Marilyn Manson released a new music video for "Cry Little Sister" known as the theme song from The Lost Boys. Sometimes when artists or bands cover a song they tend to change it up just a bit. I am glad Marilyn Manson didn't really make any changes and kept the same beat. The music video has an abstract look compared to most music videos you're used to viewing. Now some people don't like change but can easily have a change of heart when it comes to covers. Another perk about this Marilyn Manson's cover will be featured on the soundtrack to the upcoming X-Men The New Mutants. Now I would like to know if you prefer the original "Cry Little Sister" or the cover Marilyn Manson did.

So down below is where you can give us your vote on which version of "Cry Little Sister" you favor more!

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