There has always been a subtle little rift between Texas and New Mexico. Never full on hatred or anything. Just an air of superiority, I guess you could say, shown by each to the other.

I don't know where or how it started but New Mexicans in Texas and Texans in New Mexico have always been treated a little differently than any other visitors. When it comes to Texans, the Land of Enchantment can become the Land of Enragement.

For New Mexicans in Texas, the lone star states motto of "Friendship" goes right out the window.

Our sports teams can't even get along, take the battle of I-10 for example. A yearly game between the NMSU Aggies and UTEP Miners that can get a little rougher than it needs to be. In the stands and the parking lots as well as on the field.

A friend of mine moved from El Paso to Albuquerque once and couldn't believe how bad the drivers were. He was always getting cut off, or not given space to join a line of cars. Something always happened and he blamed NM's bad driving skills.

Until he finally got his license plates transferred. Once his Texas "flag" was gone, no more problems.

The bumper cars at the the Auckland Roya
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Speaking of bad driving, that's one of Texas' biggest slams on NM. That they can't drive.

Hence jokes like this: Do you know why NM license plates are yellow? Because yellow means use caution.

A parody song based on Walk Like An Egyptian, titled Drive Like A New Mexican, once practically became a chart topping hit in Texas.

Texas got jokes alright but I've noticed a softening of this attitude lately.

Ever since NM legalized pot and allowed sales of it to out of state residents, my Texas amigos are spending a lot of time north of the Texas state line. Suddenly, they have nothing but nice things to say about the state and its peeps ... and its bakeries.

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