This dude probably would annoy a lot of people with his voice over but not me! Now I'm the type of person who has a curfew when it comes to the time I watch a horror flick. I am not a fan of watching a scary film after 7 pm. I know most of the scary movies aren't real but doesn't mean they still don't scare me. There is one classic horror flick I avoid watching that some right away make it first choice. That flick happens to be The Exorcist which was hard to unsee the crucifix, vomiting, and head-spinning scenes. Now movies involving a demon or spirits sometimes give some Catholics the urge to visit the house of God again. But this group of friends who get together for a movie has that ONE friend who will either purposely frighten you or the complete opposite! That ONE friend in the group above goes by the name Aaron. He seems like the guy I would actually consider seeing a spooky movie with after curfew! The time I decided to give it a chance happened to be with the WORST. PERSON. EVER. My so-called friend Alex thought it would be funny to scare me before a scary part and boy did he regret it. I practically screamed bloody murder and humiliated me and my friend. A co-worker of mine posted what you see above and left me in tears! I just need someone like Aaron to crack a joke during a scary scene and I will be golden.