It is amazing how well this man locked down how to sing the alphabet backwards! He apparently was dared by David Francis and a few others so he basically pulled a Nike (just do it) move.

He goes by the name Backwards Dude and took on a dare that he was happy to go through with. When you hear it at first, you're like whaaaat in the hell is he saying and assume he can't do it. I thought the very same thing, and after he heavily drops into the pool is when you will hear it reversed. I can barely multitask easier tasks and he performs a marvelous job well done. He can definitely kill two birds with one stone after knocking out this dare for those people who dared him. If you want to learn how to successfully pull this off, he does warn you saying it's very complicated.

If you would like to be amazed, I highly suggest you check out the Backwards Dude above!

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