Some men have a hard time being romantic. Girlfriends are usually quick to hint at some type of action their men could do to bring out their romantic side. One woman decided to hint to her boyfriend that she would love some flowers after a stressful day. Her boyfriend, Richard Selway, didn't quickly react to her request but when he finally did, he did it perfectly.

A Tesco delivery man knocked my door yesterday morning and I sent him away telling him he had the wrong address! we've...

Posted by Paige-Ellen Williams on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paige-Ellen was surprised to find a Tesco delivery man arrive at her door with a very special package from her boyfriend. Twelve bags of flour were handed over to Paige-Ellen after she confirmed the gift was truly sent by her boyfriend.

She quickly text her man to see what nonsense he was bringing her into and then she remembered. She did ask him to send her flowers. He's my new favorite prankster. You also have to hand it to Tesco for being in on the joke by sending a baking recipe book along with the massive amounts of flour.

I find this story incredibly adorable and the response from social media is just as cute. As for all the bags of flours, Richard put it out on Facebook for anyone around their area to come pick up them up and share whatever they decided to bake with the flour.