It's good to donate an old recliner chair you don't need any more when you update from the old to the new. This young engineering student didn't donate but instead refurnished the recliner into a drifting recliner!

This dude had a brilliant idea and must have felt like it was hard to say goodbye to that old chair. He makes a few revisions and does a drive by near a Goodwill leaving you to assume he's going to donate it. Then he takes off like a bat out of hell to a large secluded parking lot to drift around a few times. If you're thinking these guys were actually travelling that fast, they weren't. They actually were only going 20 miles per hour but just sped up the speed on their video. If it weren't for his parents buying him a new recliner, this idea probably wouldn't be featured on Right This Minute.

This crazy invention could turn your old furniture into some good times!


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