It sounds like fun to be in a tub full of liquid glass but the getting out part is actually the worst part. It looks like a ton of fun to try but and if you could afford it just remember to shave!

Vat19 purchased 500 pounds of cyrstal clear liquid glass to fill up the bathtub and legit looked like water at a stand still. The man who had to get in the bathtub full of liquid glass made sure to shave certain areas to avoid problems. After getting into the tub, he then realized other areas he should have focused on to shave. After sinking in, he mentioned it was hard to breathe because of how heavy it weighed down on his chest. They always say save the best part for last, well this definitely fits the case. He had more of a struggle trying to escape the liquid glass than he had getting in.

This will definitely rip out a laugh from you just as it made the man's trunks rip from exiting!

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