Lately, one local substitute teacher is being called a racist for a remark she made to a Socorro High School student. This local story has made national news on NBC News recently. The Socorro High School student, Carlos Cobian explained his side of the story to a Fox News affiliate. If it weren't for another student filming what the sub had said to Carlos she wouldn't realize her wrongdoing. Plus, Carlos Cobian had mentioned the students are allowed to be on their phones.

Something else Carlos noticed was other students sitting in the classroom who were on their phones. When she tried taking his phone he asked why (in Spanish) and she replied the unthinkable. She told Carlos to "speak English. We're in America." Then the substitute tried accusing Carlos saying he had pushed her when he didn't lay a hand on her. The anonymous substitute teacher may not get to sub a classroom again because of her offensive remark. Place your vote down below if she should still be able to sub or not.