A Socorro High School student could be in some trouble for trying to ruin Fitfamep's reputation. This doesn't just involve a high school student, it also involves Ben Leyva aka the 2020 Presidential Candidate. From what I can understand is Ben Leyva had posted a status claiming Fitfamep's administrators are promoting pedophilia. So, of course, Fitfamep did their own research to find out about this false claim.

Turns out, they pinpointed exactly who was making those false claims about their staff. Heck, they even got the Socorro High School student to come clean and confess it was all him. That student somehow created what looks to be a mirror image of Fitfamep's Instagram account. The student from Socorro had sent a D.M. (posing as Fitfamep) asking a teenage girl to twerk and send it to him. Fitfamep then sent a D.M. over to that student and confronted him saying they were going to go to the police. The student confessed and admitted that it was fake, but wasn't going to explain in detail how he did it. This should be an important lesson about not always believing what you read online.

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