Taiwanese Animation: Is Paula Deen Racist? [Video]
Paula Deen was fired from the Food Network on Friday, for admitting in a court deposition that she used to use the N-word.  She didn't actually use it in court, she just admitted under oath that she HAS used it before. Over the weekend she posted two different apologies online but it wasn't enough, she was still fired...
Is This The Most Racist Ad Ever? [Video]
Mountain Dew premiered a new online ad last week, and yesterday they pulled it from the Internet after a huge public backlash.  Some people are calling it the most racist commercial ever.  That's probably up for debate, but it's pretty bad.  Basically, it's a police lineup with four black gangbangers and a goat.
Is Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad Racist, Mon? [VIDEO/POLL]
We're not quite sure what Volkswagen is trying to tell us in this ad for the new Beetle that will run during the Super Bowl this Sunday. In it, white people speak like Jamaicans. Is the new Bug a happy-making machine? Is it haunted by Marley's Ghost? (Bob Marley, of course.) Or, does it have a secret compartment of pot that sparks up with the ignition and blows smoke through the vents? At any rate
Donald Trump Calls Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Segment on Herman Cain ‘Racist’ [VIDEOS]
Donald Trump is not only calling a ‘Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ segment “racist,” he’s calling it “very, very racist.” On Monday, Stewart did a segment on the show about the sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. During the segment, Stewart mocked Cain’s explanation for what happened, as well as making many jokes about how the world of pizza restauran

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