An El Paso rocker fills us in on which musician he looks up to the most.

Ryan Rosoff, a trans-planted El Pasoan, Eddy Garcia, a lifelong El Pasoan and Manny Tejeda make up the band Little King who recently recorded their latest album, "Occam's Foil", right here in El Chuco. Little King have released 4 records and 2 EP's since 1997 and have sold those recordings in over 40 countries worldwide.

Ryan was recently interviewed by Blindthought and one of the questions he was asked involved his biggest musical influences. His answer was, quite emphatically, Rush. In particular, percussionist Neil Peart of whom Ryan said:

I always point to the members of the group Rush as primary influences in my formative years as a music fan and then as a writer. Neil Peart is certainly among the greatest musicians of the last 100 years, as his approach to drumming was unique, compositional, innately complex and yet wrought with feel (at least for me.) When you add the fact that he was an incredibly erudite lyricist who turned me on to a whole host of different authors, philosophical treatises, and how to effectively use lyrics to paint pictures, the man was and will always be at the top of my list.

See what he said about Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Rush bassist, keyboardist, and vocalist Geddy Lee ... as well as his answers to a number of other questions about Little King, his past, and music in general ... in the complete interview which you can read  here.

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