If you've ever wanted to be in a music video, this could be your chance.

Local Locos Dicodec are ready to film a music video for their song "Orthodoxy" which has been featured on Q Connected. The video is a takeoff on the classic James Bond movies and will be filmed, in part, at the El Paso Convention Center.

During the video, the main character is chased through a crowd, hence the need for a bunch of people to play "the crowd"!  Some individuals will also be needed for closeup shots and bad guy/terrorist type roles. Filming begins Saturday, (June 9th), at 10am, Learn more about Dicodec here and, as for the song, the band says it's about:

"A guys trying to get over someone else, and he is loosing himself trying to do it. In the end he comes to terms that he his in it for himself"

The James Bond angle stems from the fact that, according to Dicodec, Bond struggles with keeping relationships and always ends up heading off alone. Their video is intended to spoof that.

For more info, click here.

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