Here's another local band for you to get to know!!

Meet Dicodec, another great El Paso band. Here's their story:

We are DICODEC (Band) from El Paso, Tx. We are always pushing to reinvent ourselves past our Progressive Hard Rock and Metal roots. We're a fresh face in the music scene, but we've been hard at work building our catalogue and refining our sound.

At the conclusion of the last musical venture, we decided to push past our own boundaries. DICODEC (Band) formed with that end in mind, and we've  hit the ground running. We've performed extensively, recorded, produced AND released our first album, and our music video for "For Nameless" is already drawing attention.

As our first album, "Lethologica" gains traction, we're preparing for our upcoming tour.

Their new CD release party is November 16th at the Rockhouse. Learn more about Dicodec via their website!

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