It's rare when a famous sock puppet is visiting the Klaq studio! Lil' Shim surprised all the staff and I had the chance to have a one on one with him before the big event.

I had some questions lined up for Lil' Shim and I must say this sock puppet gave me the giggles! Lil' Shim didn't hold back when he answered my list of questions I had for him. This dude explains how it felt to be a part of a music video for "Hallelujah" launching Shim's solo career. Everyone has a phobia and Lil' Shim's phobia happens to be another's guilty pleasure! He also has some plans of his own for Saturday, October 6 at the Downtown Street Festival. This is one unique sock puppet that will make you laugh up a storm.

I do feel honored that Lil' Shim initiated me in his bite a human stunt that you will see towards the end!

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