There is nothing greater than knowing El Paso, Texas has some talented people. In fact all sorts of talent from singers, professional sports players, actors, chefs, and even architects. When we talk about singers from El Paso we think Jim Ward, Khalid, and Cedric Bixler-Zavala.

As for professional sports players Aaron Jones, Alvin Jones, and William Hernandez automatically come to mind. Then in the acting department actresses that are from El Paso are Alan Tudyk, Cara Santana, Cheyenne Hernandez, and more. Another well-known celebrity we've seen on screen and whip some deliciousness is Aaron Sanchez.

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Globe Life Field is where the World Series took place when the Dodgers and Rays went head to head. That ballpark is something else and looks magnificent inside and out. That leads us to someone who's a big deal in the architect business.

Someone else that is from El Paso who did something huge you need to know about if you didn't already, is Fred Ortiz. Fred is an architect who is the HKS Lead Designer of Globe Life Field. The Globe Life Field is home to the Texas Rangers that is in Arlington, Texas.

Fred Ortiz is an El Paso native and was interviewed earlier this month about his creation with Globe Life Field. Fred Ortiz shared how his passion got him where he is today along with some help from a mentor of his. Fred Ortiz's mentor was his high school head football coach, Tony Shaw.

Fred Ortiz got to discuss more of Globe Life Field to MLB Central about the ballpark and more. You can see the interview of Fred Ortiz with MLB Central in the video above.

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