Let's forget about COVID 19 for a minute with some good news. Five women from Las Cruces have been selected to appear on a CBS television show.

The television series "Mission Unstoppable" focuses on women who have excelled in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) fields. According to the Las Cruces Sun - News:

Amy Winebarger, a solar astrophysicist who studies the sun; Elizabeth Ortiz, a decontamination nurse who specializes in treating radiological accidents; Flor Larson, a computer engineer; Denise Vasquez, a computer scientist; and Bernenice Verdin, an electrical engineer, all are based at the White Sands Missile Range.

The Sun - Times reports that these ladies will "explain how they do their jobs and why STEM is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome". Two segments, featuring Amy Winebarger and Elizabeth Ortiz, have already aired. The last three ... Flor Larson, Denise Vasquez and Berniece Verdin ... will all be featured in the April 18th episode.

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