We all have dreams of being on a game show for a chance to win tons of money & prizes & lately people from El Paso have been featured on television shows. Earlier this year, we had one of our very own appear on Jeopardy, & this week, we had another one of very own make an appearance on Let's Make a Deal. In fact, it was the same man who got to rap on the Jimmy Fallow show last year. It's our very own Julio Ortega.

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The host of The Night Shift from All In El Paso was featured on the March 29th episode of CBS's Let's Make a Deal & at first, it didn't register that he was on the screen of contestants for Wayne Brady to choose from. But when Wayne said "Julio", & the camera showed his face (& his Dead Pool costume) it was very clear, it was him.

I asked Julio how he appeared on the show & this is what he told me: "I filled out an application on the CBS website where you had to submit a video submission of yourself if you were a contestant for the show (the better the quality the video, the better were your chances of getting picked. I won a foosball table, a ping pong table (which is good because I messed up my brother's) & a 55 inch TV!"

Unfortuantely CBS looked down the episode off of their website but Julio DID manage to post a video of himself, on both his Facebook & Instagram accounts being chosen to be a contestant, proving he WAS on the show:


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