The Texas Bucket List is a television program that introduces different hotspots all over Texas. The television program strictly keeps it Texan and has shown places we are willing to take a road trip for. For example, you will get to know about some delicious places to eat the next time you visit another city in Texas.

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One of those delicious places you've seen on The Texas Bucket List was La Sirenita in Freeport, Texas. The travel time from El Paso to Freeport almost equals up to the amount of distance we are from California. The Texas Bucket List sure does a hell of a job promoting businesses that leave you wanting to visit them in the future.

Well, The Texas Bucket List crew visited Dairy Queen in El Paso, Texas, and met the fans of the show. I went to grade school with Donnie who's actually part of The Texas Bucket List filming crew. Donnie shared one of their other stops which is unknown if it was for business or pleasure.

But whatever the reasoning was, they got quite the satisfaction out of it. Donnie shared a few pictures and a short video clip of a plate Lucy's Kitchen is known and loved for. On his Instagram post of Lucy's Kitchen, he captioned it with two emojis, the cowboy and the hands showing praise. If you've tried a little bit of everything then you know all their menu items are scrumptious. Feel free to share what plate from Lucy's Kitchen deserves the attention of The Texas Bucket List crew below.

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