It's been seven years since Brian 'Head' Welch left Korn to clean himself up from all the excesses of being in a big rock band. He then proceeded to work on solo material, write three books, get into another band, God, and do strange things with his hair.

Today, Korn has released cool footage of the reunion in a performance of "Blind" from North Carolina. They're not talking full-on reunion at this point, just some friends reuniting for a show and reconnecting. They're taking things slowly, and want everything to come "naturally".

"The whole thing needs to be approached very delicately, because it's such a fragile thing," he said. "It's just something that has to be super well-planned and it has to come naturally. And our experience with him on Saturday has all started from a positive place, and it wasn't forced and it was just natural. So I think if everything optimistically runs like that, that's all I can hope for. I'm really happy just to reconnect with my old friend."

via Blabbermouth