The G n' R reunion is finally on, now they just need a promoter who can afford them.

Guns N' Roses, (most of them), will reunite at Coachella and now they're talking about doing an Ameican stadium tour. Coachella will likely be the band's biggest payday but, the other shows won't be cheap. The Gunners reportedly want $3 million dollars per show!

So far, only Axl, Slash and Duff McKagan are in and 1/3rd of that lineup...I'm looking at you Axl...has a long history of very late starts, walk-offs and no-shows. That makes me wonder if any promoter will lay out that kinda money. On the up-side, numbers that big could get the other two original members to finally sign on.

We'll see if they bite, and whether or not Axl can play well with others, soon enough I guess.