A UK network known as Casting Call Pro published an ad calling for "2 kidnapping, bad ass chicks" to appear in a new Guns 'N Roses video.

Here's the deal, according to the ad:

"The video follows the artist who has been kidnapped by a gang of female kick ass bad chicks. The film is 'Oceans 11/12/13' meets 'Reservoir Dogs' with slick cuts, split screen, etc. "2 female kidnappers take the artist hostage and set up a ransom video where the artist performs into. The 2 female kidnappers will wear balaclavas and knee length bomber jackets, which will be provided. The hostages are are kick ass gun wielding bad girls."

If it's true, if the band can stay together long enough to make it and if it gets done in less time than Chinese Democracy took, this could be cool.