Are you ready for another "supergroup"?  This time, former members of Korn, Kings X and Dokken/Lynch Mob are teaming up!

Korn drummer Ray Luzier joins many other rockers who have stepped outside the confines of their bands to try something different. Rays project is called KXM and features a couple of guys familiar to heavy metal fans; George Lynch and Doug ("dUg") Pinnick!

Pinnicks work with Kings X is amazing although that band threw in the towel after years of struggling to "make it" and Pinnicks health problems became too much.  (He's ok now thanks to the generosity of Kings X fans from all over.)

George Lynch of course powered all the original Dokken material and then went on to kick even more azz with Lynch Mob.

Now, these three have gotten together and they're hard at work on their debut "Faith Is A Room With Many Doors".  Watch them work in the vid below!