I am no expert, but do know some things about making a relationship work. A listener wrote me asking for my advice and well this was my two cents.

Hello Mr. Wanting to be a party of two,

One definite thing you first must try before giving up all hope is communicating. Some people are quick to run and escape before trying to resolve the issue by talking about it. So if you happen to not like how things are going you should speak up and let her in on how you feel. There are plenty of ways of approaching the social media issue without sounding nuts. But when you don't communicate and let things take its course you won't resolve anything and just feel miserable. Usually, some people like to wait and give it time before they start posting about their current significant other. Plus posting about your current interest can lead to problems. I say that because when you post about them, people start coming out of the woodworks wanting the forbidden fruit. But if you have been dating for a long while already and she's STILL not posting the pictures you all take could be a red flag. But like I said, you won't know anything until you communicate with her about your feelings. I wish you two the best of luck and hope she shows you off the way a soon to be bride shows off her engagement ring!

So if you're in need of an outsider's opinion, you can feel free to e-mail me at Veronicag@klaq.com.

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