It's true what they say about how you always remember your firsts in everything. This kiss and tell tale is from a night I won't ever forget. I remember my friend Kenneth (plus one) was extremely stoked while I was nervous as hell about what to expect. It was 6 years ago today Wednesday, October 29, 2014, when I was about to get my first taste of a real mosh pit. That night was my very first time seeing Slipknot and Korn perform in concert. My boss hooked me up with a pair of tickets which had me nervous and excited. I was nervous because I was given floor tickets and excited for Korn who I have been listening to since middle school. This concert tale is a story I always love sharing when people discuss their first time seeing a particular band. This is my kiss and tell tale of when I got to see Korn and Slipknot for the first time.

It was a night of sweat, shoving, laughing, and holding each other in order to not get pulled away. My friend Kenneth and I bumped into our mutual friends Vince and Cassandra on the floor. Cass and I ended up sticking together while the guys jumped into the mosh pit. But eventually, the mosh ended up finding us (Cass and me) and we stuck it through and came out alive. Hell, me and Cass even laughed about our friends leaving us. But one way I knew this was the craziest mosh pit I've been in was how sweaty and hot it got. This show definitely got everyone riled up as if we had been drinking extreme amounts of coffee. But some of us were invited to hang out with Brian "Head" Welch and Reginald Quincy "Fieldy" Arvizu after the show finished. The guys gave a speech about God and the higher power and even said a prayer. You can see part of the speech in the video my friend Kenneth took that from that night above along with some pictures. That night is a time I will always remember and never forget. My first Slipknot and Korn concert went great and luckily I walked away with no injuries and just full of my own and strangers sweat.

Slipknot and Korn Concert

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