Amazing Things From 2014
It's that time of year where we all can take a look back and reflect how good or bad this year has been. Check out this video of people doing some pretty awesome things this 2014!
KLAQ Raft Fails At Riding The Rio Grande
Another year, another raft that doesn't work for the KLAQ crew. The brave men who decided to represent KLAQ during the 2014 Great River Raft Race, spent more time in the river, than on the boat. There was one guy who did ride his way to the finish line, can you guess who it was?
Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions People Probably Won’t Keep
Once the clock strikes twelve, not only will a new year begin but so will tons of new year's resolutions! Some people will try hard to start off fresh in 2014 and others may only last the first few weeks but resolutions will be made. Here are the top five new year's resolutions that contin…