There are so many things that divide us these days that it sometimes feels like there's no hope and nothing could ever bring us together. Well, not according to these TikToks I came up on.

We've all been to parties, right? Especially parties in El Paso. Let's not deny it, El Paso knows how to party. It's epic, at least for us adults, for the kids, it stops being epic once it hits past midnight.

We've all been there, whether it's a house party, a wedding or a quinceañera, little kids could be running around having the time of their life, but at some point, they get tired and adults don't. Sometimes, if it's a house party and you know the person who owns the house well, they let the kids pile into a room and sleep. Other times, well, kids improvise.

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That's where the chairs come into place. You know what I'm talking about. A makeshift bed out of chairs is sometimes the best place to nap when you're really tired at a party! I was a kid once too, and I can attest that I did this a few times, and I know many of you did! Especially judging by the amount of comments and likes on these videos on TikTok, we're not alone!

Check out these hilarious videos that we cannot deny we would also do at parties as kids:

Props if your parents would carry you as they danced when you fell asleep!

Sometimes, it's not just at parties, but it will spill over to the after party- where you would be totally unbothered by the commotion around you!

Man, can you image just sleeping like that? I wish I could still sleep like that, now that I'm older I wake up for anything!

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