“Karen”, according to Wikipedia, is “a woman perceived to be entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is considered appropriate or necessary”. Before there was “Karen” there was “Becky”, as in the Sir Mixalot song about how much he liked big butts (I don’t remember what the title was but it began with the lyrics, “Oh…My…God…Becky! Look. At her. Butt”). Actual Karen's of the world, don’t lose hope; I think this anti-Karen bias is only temporary. People will soon come around and realize stereotyping is never a good thing and people aren’t in control of what names they were given. Also, think about all the AWESOME Karen's that have made our world a better place. There’s Karen Carpenter. She had a lovely voice. And…um…let’s see…OH! Plankton’s robot wife on Spongebob Squarepants was named Karen and she was cool. And…that’s about it.

Actually, one of the funniest things I read last week was from a Karen who frequents our Facebook Live chat. We were talking about the Karen phenomenon and she posted, “It’s gotten so bad that when I get take-out and they ask for a name for the order I just say ‘Renee’”. So there’s another cool Karen right there.

Lately, so-called “Karens” are being spotted in MMM’s: Mask Meltdown Moments. Like the Karen who got kicked out of Walmart and screamed that mask-wearers were “cult members”. Then there’s the Karen who didn’t want to wear a mask in Home Depot because “White Power”.

There are a couple of really good, quality videos that send up the Karens (the bad kind) of the world. These are worth your time to watch. First, there’s the “Karens Gone Wild” commercial parody:

And, comedian Eric D’Alessandro has done a rap tribute to all the Covid Karens out there called “Mask Off”:

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