Here in Texas. Boots are a part of Life.

We are used to seeing everyone from Babies to Seniors, Heavy Metal Headbanger to Twangy Country Folks,Ditch diggers to Office workers. You get the picture .
But our Friends from across the border ,have taken this to a new Level.
Our Friends the "Chuntaros" (Pronounced:CHOON-tah-roh ) are taking this art to a New level.
Lets Not forget the matching Belt (don't know if it has lights ,BUT in sure that can be ADDED)

So what is a Chuntaro? According to the The Urban Dictionary (

Chuntaro:- A native indian hailing from Michoacan, and other northern states of Mexico whose name has been unfairly turned into a derogative term used to describe a "tacky Mexican".
- Mexican slang word, synonym for "naco:"
(1) an Indian or Indian-looking Mestizo
(2) an uncultured or lower class person
- A type of gangster cumbia. The dance can varey on where they'er from. Its usally perfromed with a group of chuntaro gangsters.
- used to describe something that is ghetto hispanic.

Thank David P. for bringing this to my attention!