No, I guess the President of the United States didn’t LITERALLY tell people to drink bleach to cure coronavirus…which seems like a pretty silly thing to even have to clarify. It’s not like FDR ever had to backtrack because he told Mr. and Mrs. America they should look into sticking their fingers into an electric socket to cure polio during one of his fireside chats. Maybe that example is setting the bar too high. How about this: not even George W. Bush, a man who once almost strangled himself to death with a pretzel, ever had to “clarify” his position on using a hair dryer while taking a bath to ward off SARS. But, it’s 2020 and…here we are.

Lisa and I mentioned what big fans we are of YouTube comedian, chanteur and fabulous diva Randy Rainbow. Brandon even mentioned that his sister is such a fan she got a birthday greeting from R.R. via Cameo (which you can also arrange by visiting this link.

But what this blog is really about today is to let you know that Randy Rainbow has already written, performed, produced and posted a great new parody song about the president’s disinfectant gaffe. Let this be the medical advice that NO ONE in the room with Trump that day was brave enough to offer. Thanks, Randy.

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