So I got to thinking tonight as I was screwing around on the internet, "Maybe I should post some of the weird stuff I look at during the show. It keeps me entertained as I listen to rock music all night, so maybe you guys would like it, too!" So here's my link dump for the night. Most of it.

Slipknot - Antennas to Hell

Slipknot has a best of coming on July 7th, and their releasing episodes around each band member. They're fun to watch and get you ready for the release. They're also demoing new stuff, and hopefully this will turn into a new album sooner than later.

Queensryche problems?

It's been rumored that Geoff Tate pulled a knife during a fight with the rest of the band. Apparently he was upset they were ousting him from the band and they fought. (In his defense, the rest of the band HAS started another band with a new singer, so it kind of looks like that, doesn't it?)

Judas Priest DVD

The mighty Priest recorded their last show of the European Epitaph for a DVD release, but it's always nice to watch fan footage of shows well before the official release. I love the internet for this, and if this was all I could get from it, I would be okay with that. Luckily, there's also pron.

4,000 Fans Walk Out on Axl

Guns N Roses were late on stage, (Nooooo, really?) and the fans weren't having any of it, so they walked out. Almost half the crowd left before the band even hit the stage. Some of the peeps left threw drinks at the band, but they soldiered on and played a 33 song set, lasting 3 hours, until after 2am.

Cage The Elephant Crowd Walking

Cage the Elephant

I talked about Cage The Elephant and a cool crowd surfing (or walking) shot, and I couldn't put this up without it. Enjoy.

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures

I love the videos and stuff that Rooster Teeth puts out. I've been watching Red vs Blue since the beginning, and they just started season 10! The longest running machinima show on the internet. It's funny as hell. They started up several more series, and their Animated Adventures takes bits from their audio podcast and puts it to cartoon. Funny stuff.


There are so many really cool moviemakers on YouTube right now. They're proving that you don't need a huge Hollywood budget to make cool movies. Another great thing about them is that they're short, so you don't have to dedicate two hours of your life to watch them. This is a cool one that was put up this week, and it shows a lot of promise!

Glenn Proudfoot - A New Approach to Diminished Seven Arpeggios

This weekend's Balloonfest was cool, I got to see a lot of bands I really like, and as usual, they made we want to practice the guitar more. So I spent a few minutes here at work watching this Glenn Proudfoot video and pretending I could do what he was doing. It gave me something to work on, though, and that's the point of these instructional vids, right?


This is a rock/metal news website I go to every day if I can. They usually have information before most other outlets, and that's a hard thing to do now, isn't it? They sometimes have some album reviews I want to read, but I pretty much never read the user comments. Trolls abound. Just go through the stories, check out the reviews, and watch the vids and stuff, it's a great site.

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